Green light for the future

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Glass is 100 percent recyclable and can be reused infinitely without any loss of quality. This makes glass a sustainable material and waste glass a valuable raw material.

LEDs save a lot of energy and combine high quality light with a long service life. LED technology also impresses with its remarkable ecological balance. LED lamps, for example, cause over 90 percent of their total CO2 emissions during operation; only two percent are required for their production.

Sustainable lighting protects the environment, is economical and promotes people's well-being with light that meets their needs.

By participating in the dual system for the recycling of sales packaging, we contributed to the following savings in 2021:
  • CO2 equivalents: 74 kg
  • Crude oil equivalents: 28 kg
  • Primary Energy: 7KJ

  • When it comes to questions of sustainability, climate protection and other ecological “footprints”, lightweight aluminum has an excellent track record. In addition, there are recycling rates of over 90% in some cases and extremely energy- and resource-saving reprocessing.

    No paint or other finishing agents are used on our lights. The internal laser engraving is carried out without leaving any residue and is inserted into the existing material. The engraving is resistant to external influences and does not fade.

    We use recycled material for our cardboard packaging. When developing the packaging, we placed emphasis on using as little plastic as possible. However, a small amount of foam must be used to protect the glass. Please put it back into the recycling process.